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1sqm 100w/sqm


  • Brand: Calorique
  • Product Code: 1sqm 100w/sqm
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  • Ex Tax: €59.90

1sqm 100w/sqm

Calorique underfloor heating mats are a combination of a heating cable attached to a fiberglass mesh scrim that makes installation easy.
The mats can simply be rolled out onto the floor saving precious time.
The mats have double sided tape on the underside so they can easily be fixed to any clean surface and are the perfect electric underfloor heating solution for all stone and tile floors.


  • Low energy consumption
  • No moving parts
  • Safe, silent and invisible
  • Maintenance free
  • Provides even heat distribution for the greatest thermal comfort
  • No air movement which helps prevent accumulation of dust particles
  • Controlled easily by a thermostat – giving you the heat where you need it most
  • 25 year warranty
  • Easy to install in new-builds or retro-fits


  • The Calorique Floor Heating Mat can be installed on top of suitably prepared suspended timber, solid concrete or preferably the Calorique Perfectly Warm Insulation Board, enabling installation in all room types.
  • The Perfectly Warm Floor Heating Mat can also be installed under many floor coverings including: tile, natural stone, slate, porcelain, marble, limestone & terracotta.