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Glen Cooker Gleen

Glen Cooker Gleen is a fuel additive for use in domestic range cookers. Formulated to improve the “burn quality” of the fuel, it gives uninterrupted hours of cooking & heat.
All range cookers like AGAs, Rayburn, Waterford Stanley are designed to be used with commercial kerosene (BS 2869: C2) with a specified upper limit char value(deposit/carbon burn) of 20mg/kg. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the quality of the fuel, changes in manufacturing technology for cookers requires lower char values to assist better burning performance and heat output. The char value of domestic kerosene (BS 2869: C2) seems to vary nationally in the range 16 – 30mg/kg which can cause problems with heat output and controllability of the cooker.

Glen Cooker Gleen acts to reduce the char value of the kerosene thereby improving combustion performance and maintaining a clean burner for longer. It is recommended that you use this additive avoiding costs of maintenance & repair. Each 200 ml bottle of Glen Cooker Gleen treats 1000 lts of Kerosene and only costs €15

When to use

  • Operating a range style cooker ( AGA, Rayburn, Waterford – Stanley ) on Kerosene
  • Fuel storage tank that has a low turnover of filling which preserves fuel & prolongs fuel life.
  • Burner continually “cokes” up and or fuel pipe blocks


  • Lowers Char Value
  • Reduces the build up of carbon deposits and soot
  • Inhibits the growth of deposits in fuel storage tanks
  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion
  • Increases the fuel shelf life
  • Reduces service problems

Please note: Please download the safety data sheet at the bottom of this page.

Manufacturer: Glen Fuels
Brand: Glen Fuels
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