Bunded 2500 Litre Titan EcoSafe Horizontal Oil Tank
€ 1137.75


The ES2500B is a bunded heating oil tank suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial use. 

The bund protects against potential leaks or spills that lead to ground contamination.

This tank comes with Watchman Alarm Tank Pack.

Glen Fuels delivers the Kingspan ES2500B tank to premises all over Ireland.

Oil Tank Housekeeping:

  • Glen Fuels recommends pouring a fuel additive into the tank before each top-up. This kills bacteria that grows naturally and that may compromise your heating system. It also improves the “burn quality” of the fuel in your radiators and/or range cooker. To purchase, click here.
  • Please check with your insurer and County Council that you are insured to install a single skin oil tank on your property as legislation in your area may have changed.
  • Checking the heating oil tank is one of the most important jobs that should be done each year by the homeowner, tenant and/or landlord. For instructions, click here.
  • Never grow plants over an oil tank as they will cause damage and may cause injury to your oil delivery person.


  • 10 year guarantee (one year on equipment).
  • Double skin means double security eliminating the risk of leaks and spillage.
  • Low maintenance - no rust, no painting required.
  • Tank Pack: Watchman Alarm Transmitter, Watchman Alarm Receiver, PTFE Tape, Heldite, Heldite Applicator, Gate Valve and Filter.


  • Integrally Bund area holds 110% of the inner tank capacity.
  • Primary Tank secured in position, reducing stress on fittings.
  • SpillStop Overfill device fitted as standard - regulatory requirement.
  • Watchman Alarm oil level monitor Tank Pack supplied as standard.
  • Top outlet and bottom outlet options available.


  • Oil Level Alarm Monitor - Watchman Alarm standard
  • Capacity Ltr/Gal - 2500/550
  • Length (mm) - 2450
  • Width (mm) - 1425
  • Height (mm) - 1450
  • Guarantee Period - 10 Years (one year on components)
  • OFCERT N. 0642069817
  • Lids - Outer Tank 16" Cap, Inner Tank 4" Inspection Cap
  • Tank Pack - Watchman Alarm, PTFE Tape, Heldite, Heldite Applicator, Gate Valve & Filter
  • Fuel Type - Kerosene (C1/C2), Fuel Oil (A2) and Gas Oil/Diesel (D) as defined in BS2869 and BS EN590 including up to 7% biofuel to BS EN14214
  • Outlet Size - 1"
  • Overfill Prevention - SpillStop device as standard
  • EnergyStorage Solutions - KINGSPAN TITAN
  • Regulation Compliance - The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and Comparable Requirements throughout UK and Ireland
  • Optional Accessory - Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator OFCERT N. 2181080901
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