From Chain Saw Oil to Bailer Oil we have the very best lubricant oil for your farm.

As a food producer, you rely on your tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors, vacuum pumps and other agricultural machinery to help you meet deadlines.

In addition to wear and tear and our damp, coastal Irish air as well as fertilisers and sprays can have a detrimental effect on the performance and lifespan of your equipment.

This website features our most popular products. If you have specific requirements, Glen Fuels will work with you to ensure your needs are met at a price that is right for you.

Many of our staff also own working farms or have worked in the agri sector for many years - we have the expertise to help you put together a complete lubricating schedule and ensure you get the best oils within your budget.

Q8Oils and Endurance Lubricants are designed to:

  • Prevent deposits
  • Reduce engine wear
  • Deliver year-round performance
  • Offer good viscosity

Products include:

Q8 T1000 10W/30, Q8 T5000 10W/40, Q8 Milking Machine Oil, Q8 Chainsaw Oil, Multifarm 15w/30 SUTO, Eurofarm 10w/30 SUTO, Euro Trans 10w/30 UTTO, Endurance Lubricants Milking Machine Oil, Chainsaw Oil SAE 50


Q8 T1000 10W/30

Universal tractor oil.

Off-highway/construction equipment.


Retail Price € 18.45

Q8 T5000 10W/40

Super tractor oil.

Agricultural equipment preferring one lubricant.

Avoids use of wrong product.

Retail Price € 60.27

Q8 Milking Machine Oil

ISO 68 lubricant.

Suitable for cold winter mornings.

Inhibited against foaming and corrosion.

Retail Price € 16.61

Q8 Chainsaw Oil

Power saw chains.

Fling-off resistant.

Protection against premature failure.

Retail Price € 4.31

Multifarm 15w/30 SUTO

Natural high lubricity. 

Helps reduce wet brake noise.

Suitable for most agricultural machinery requirements.

Retail Price € 3.08

Eurofarm 10w/30 SUTO

Universal tractor oil.

High performance.

Modern tractor.

Retail Price € 3.08

Euro Trans 10w/30 UTTO

Outstanding rust and corrosion protection.

Excellent wet brake, anti-squawk and chatter suppression.

Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Retail Price € 3.08

Milking Machine Oil

Vacuum pump oil.

Highly refined mineral oils.

Variety of pumps, temperatures, conditions.

Retail Price € 3.08

Chainsaw Oil SAE 50

Longer chain life.

Less oil spattering.

Bars and chains of pump-fed chainsaws.

Retail Price € 3.08