Improved security.

Improved efficiency.

Improved performance.


Exocet Cooker Additive

For range cookers.

Hours of uninterrupted heat.

Reduces deposits of carbon deposits and soot.

Retail Price € 15.00

Watchman Alarm

Monitors oil levels.

Reminds you to re-fill.

Alerts you of a sudden drop in oil levels.

Retail Price € 90.00

Watchman Anywhere

App controlled oil level monitor.

Receive weekly updates.

Free monitoring for first 12 months.

Retail Price € 170.00

Watchman Sonic

LCD Screen.

Never run out of home heating oil.

Alerts you of theft/leaks.

Retail Price € 80.00

Bel 100 Thermostat

Digital thermostat.

Internal sensor.

3M remote sensor.

Retail Price € 120.96

Grease Gun

Standard 14oz cartridge.

Pressure filler.

Bulk 400cc.

Retail Price € 30.63

Barrell Pump

Popular pump design, engineered for professional use.

Built-in 1.1/2” & 2” bung.

Plated steel lever handle with rubber grip.

Retail Price € 35.00

150kg Black Coal Bunker

Coal, slack, wood, briquette storage box.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. 

Top and bottom opening for easy access.

Retail Price € 100.00

300kg Black Coal Bunker

Store coal, slack, wood and peat briquettes.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. 

Top and bottom opening  for easy access.

Retail Price € 142.07

Glen Fuels Sleeveless Jacket

Get one free with Endurance Lubricants.

Regatta Professional Soft Shell.

M, L and XL while stocks last.

Retail Price € 30.00

Forecourt Coal Bunker

Store packaged wood, coal or pet food. 

No assembly required.

Fully retractable roof. 

Retail Price € 757.68