Glen Fuels Lubricants





Help your car pass the NCT.

Reduce diesel engine NOx emissions.

Meet the Euro5 and Euro6 emission standards.  

Q8 T2200

Prevents equipment component corrosion.

Suitable for use as hydraulic fluid.

Provides good transmission lubrication.

Q8 T520 SAE 30


Mixed fleet.

Hydraulic systems.

Q8 T750 15W/40

Passenger cars, trucks and off-road applications.

Prolonged oil drain intervals reduce maintenance costs.

Quick lubrication after cold starting.

Q8 T760 10W-30

High performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil.

Fuel economy improvement.


Q8 T760 15W-40


High performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil.

USA EPA 2007, Euro IV, Euro V & Euro VI diesel engines.

Q8 Formula Plus 15W/40

Mineral engine oil.

Passenger cars and vans.

Diesel engines.

Q8 Formula Advanced 10W/40

Advanced performance.

Passengar cars and vans.

Engine oil.

Q8 Formula Excel 5W-40

Passenger cars and vans.

Petrol or diesel engines.

Available in 1 litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre and 208 Litre Drum.


Q8 Formula Techno FE Plus 5W-30

Fuel Economy Improvement of up to 3% or more.

Backwards compatible.

Extended drain interval capability.

Q8 T35 80W/90

Excellent gear shifting.

Limits synchromesh wear.

Available in 20 Litre and 208 Litre Drum.

Q8 T55 80W/90

Rear axles, final drives, hypoid gears.

Heavy duty conditions.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litre and 208 Litre Drum.

Q8 T55 85W/140

Heavy-duty driveline components.

Good gear protection.

Available in 5 Litres, 20 Litre and 208 Litre Drum.

Q8 T60 NTech 75W-80

Synthetic gear lubricant.


ZF manual transmissions.

Q8 T65 75W/90

Synthetic automotive gear lubricant.

Manual transmissions, rear axles, final drives.

Available in 20 Litre and 208 Litre Drum.

Q8 T1000 10W/30

Universal tractor oil.

Off-highway/construction equipment.


Q8 T1000 15W/40

Super tractor universal oil.

Agricultural and off-highway/construction equipment.

Available in 20 Litre Drum.

Q8 T5000 10W/40

Super tractor oil.

Agricultural equipment preferring one lubricant.

Avoids use of wrong product.

Q8 Milking Machine Oil

ISO 68 lubricant.

Suitable for cold winter mornings.

Inhibited against foaming and corrosion.

Q8 Formula VX Longlife 5W-30

Sythetic Low SAPS.

Passenger Car.


Q8 Chain Oil

Power saw chains.

Fling-off resistant.

Protection against premature failure.

Q8 Haydn 32

Optimum anti-wear performance.

Long service life.

Gives trouble-free operation.

Q8 Haydn 37

Optimum anti-wear performance.

Long service life.

High temperature applications.

Q8 Haydn 46

Protects the engine against the build up of corrosion and wear. 

Protect against cam wear and bore polishing.

Versatile and popular.

Q8 Haydn 68

Optimum anti-wear performance. 

Trouble-free operation. 

Applicable to a wide range.

Q8 Anti-freeze

Engine coolant.

Corrosion protection.

Year round application.

Premium V 5w/30

Lubricant performance over extended drain intervals.

Very high standards of engine cleanliness.

Effective fuel efficiency.

Premium F 5w/30

Very high standards of engine cleanliness.

Long term anti-wear and oxidation stability.

Excellent high and low temperature performance.

Premium 10w/40

Excellent high and low temperature stability.

Improved fuel efficiency.

Improved oil consumption and emissions.

Eurofleet LS 10w/40


Extra high performance.

Diesel engine oil.

EuroFleet 15w/40

Improved wear protection and soot dispersancy.

Latest industry standard ACEA E7 and API CI-4.

Long haul vehicles needing a Euro 4 of Euro 3 grade.

Eurofleet HD 10w

Turbocharged engines.

Naturally aspiration diesel engines.

High dispersancy.

Gearex EP80w/90 GL 5

Excellent oxidation stability.

Good seal compatibility.

Extremely good load carrying capacity


Gearex SS 75w/90

High performance.

Heavy duty.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre and 200 Litre Drum.

Gearex Auto Dex 111

Passenger cars.

Heavy-duty equipment.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre and 200 Litre Drum.


Multifarm 15w/30 SUTO

Natural high lubricity. 

Helps reduce wet brake noise.

Suitable for most agricultural machinery requirements.

Eurofarm 10w/30 SUTO

Universal tractor oil.

High performance.

Modern tractor.

Euro Trans 10w/30 UTTO

Outstanding rust and corrosion protection.

Excellent wet brake, anti-squawk and chatter suppression.

Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Milking Machine Oil

Vacuum pump oil.

Highly refined mineral oils.

Variety of pumps, temperatures, conditions.

Chainsaw Oil SAE 50

Longer chain life.

Less oil spattering.

Suitable for use in all balers.

Hydrax 32

Full anti-wear hydraulic fluids.

Performance improvement additives.

Industrial power transmission and control systems.


Hydrax 46

Excellent anti-wear characteristics.

Corrosion protection.

For industrial use.


Hydrax HVI 46

Superior temperature characteristics.

Good oxidation resistance.

High viscosity index.


Hydrax 68

Industrial power transmissions.

Hydraulic power transmissions.

Performance improvement additives.


Universal engine coolant.

Suitable for year-round use.

High performance.