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Kerosene Additive

If you use kerosene to heat a range cooker, radiators or hot water; we recommend pouring a fuel additive.

Cooker Additive kills bacteria that grows naturally in the tank and which can damage the heating system.

Cooker Additive improves the “burn quality” of kerosene so you use less oil to generate more heat.

Before topping up your heating oil tank, pour 100ml (for 500 litres of oil) or 200ml for (1,000 litres of oil) into the tank.

Cooker Additive Applications:

  • Kerosene central heating systems.
  • Kerosene fuelled AGA, Rayburn or Waterford – Stanley.
  • Fuel storage tankwith low turnover (is not filled regularly) to prolong fuel life.
  • Burner that often “cokes” up.


  • Lower char value
  • Reduce build up of carbon deposits and soot
  • Inhibit growth of bacteria deposits in fuel storage tanks
  • Minimize potential for fuel tank corrosion
  • Increase fuel shelf life
  • Reduce service problems

Technical Information: 

All range cookers like AGAs, Rayburn, Waterford Stanley are designed to be used with commercial kerosene (BS 2869: C2) with a specified upper limit char value (deposit/carbon burn) of 20mg/kg. Though there is nothing wrong with the quality of the fuel, changes in manufacturing technology for cookers requires lower char values to assist better burning performance and heat output. The char value of domestic kerosene (BS 2869: C2) seems to vary nationally in the range 16 – 30mg/kg which can cause problems with heat output and controllability of the cooker.

By reducing the char value of kerosene, Exocet Cooker Additive improves combustion performance and maintains a cleaner burner.

Each 200 ml bottle of our cooker additive treats 1000 lts of kerosene.

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