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Q8 Chain Oil

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Q8 Chain Oil 150 is used in chains and slides of chainsaws. It is perfect for chains, slideways and guides in industrial applications.

  • Automotive assembly
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Metal industries maintenance
  • Mining & cement industry
  • Paper industry
  • Power generation
  • Textile industry
  • Wood industry
  • Industrial maintenance
  • ISO 6743-1 L-AC
  • Tenacious, adhesive film resists “fling-off” and wiping effect of the saw-cutting action
  • Lubricates and protects all parts of the chain linkage and drive
  • Helps to prevent premature chain failure and to extend working life
  • Reduces the effects of hostile working conditions

Q8 Chain Oil

The Q8 Chain Oil 150 lubricant for power-saw chains has been formulated from high quality base oils. 

The components are selected to prevent harmful or unpleasant odours.

Q8 Chain oil 150 has optimum wear, corrosion and rust protection.
It is recommended for the lubrication of chains of all types of power chain-saws - not the engine of the chainsaw. 
Built-in adhesiveness provide "fling-off" resistance in the hostile operating environment of a chain-saw; in which vibration, excessive G-forces and physical removal by saw dust and adjacent surfaces are factors which combine to remove all but the most tenacious lubricants. Sprocket surfaces, link pins and rollers are adequately lubricated, protecting the chain from premature failure and significantly extending its useful working life.

It improves the durability of the equipment thanks to advanced adhesive characteristics, excellent spreadability, advanced performance against wear.