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Premium F 5w/30

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Tags: Endurance Premium F 5w/30

  • Effective environmental protection 
  • Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals 
  • Effective fuel efficiency 
  • Very high standards of engine cleanliness 
  • Long term anti-wear and oxidation stability 
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance 
  • Long term additive performance 

Premium F 5w/30 is suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged, petrol and diesel vehicles particularly modern vehicles. It meets many of the latest Ford requirements. It is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based engine oils.

Endurance Lubricants

Premium F 5w/30 is manufactured from a balanced blend of top quality mineral and synthetic base stocks, producing high quality engine oil with the properties of semi-synthetic technology.

Its naturally higher lubricity offers lower internal friction for reduced engine wear.

Its low viscosity offers improved flow rates and hydraulic tappet performance during cold start and engine idling, a problem with many higher viscosity oils. It offers excellent stay in grade performance for today’s modern multi-valve engines.