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Mind Your Machinery

Since the introduction of BioFuel in diesel it has been necessary to implement good housekeeping on all off-road vehicle tanks. For more information on the changes introduced in 2011, click here.

Farm machinery has worked hard throughout 2018 in very challenging climate conditions. The rush is over and farmers are getting ready to put some machinery into storage for the winter. A clean out of the tanks will minimize the risk of your machinery developing expensive problems that stop you in your tracks in 2019.

A Quick Clean Saves You Money

Some farmers have never cleaned their tanks. It is more important today than ever before to clean the tanks and change the filters regularly.

If everyone in the agribusiness sector did these two small jobs regularly, nobody would ever have a problem with their farm machinery.

Next Day Delivery:

Our mixed fleet can deliver 500 litres to 37,500 litres to businesses in South-East Ireland. Contact Larry O'Brien in Glen Fuels Gorey 053-942 1789 for all your green diesel needs. Our online shop delivers agricultural lubricants to anywhere in Ireland.

Article originally appeared on Glen Fuels Gorey web-page.

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