News » Glen Fuels Pre Harvest Checklist 2018-09-10

Harvest Ireland

Pre-Harvest Checklist:

1. Have a fire kit and fire extinguisher in your vehicle.
2. Complete the daily check on the vehicle lights, oil, tyres etc.
3. Prepare for the extra volumes of traffic on the road at this time of the year.
4. Beware of fatigue and remember to take regular breaks if working long hours.
5. Drive with your lights on at all times.
6. Flashing beacons are especially important on large, wide vehicles.

These are just some helpful tips to ensure a safe and productive harvest 2018. For all your Oil Lubricant and AdBlue needs, let Glen Fuels promptly deliver competitive prices for top grade products. Image and article by Tom in our New Ross depot 051 421814.

Article from Glen Fuels New Ross website.