News » Farm Safely 2018-05-01

Farm Safety Ireland

Safety is one of the most important issues facing farming in Ireland today - farming is the most dangerous occupation in Ireland. (Source: Famer's Journal infographics)

More than 1,000 injuries occur on Irish farms each year. Many of the Glen Fuels staff own working farms or have worked in the agri sector for many years. We have a number of products and services designed to help make farming safer for you.

If you are working on a farm, please remember:

  1. Be seen to be safe -  wear reflective, high vis clothing.
  2. Be extra cautious on the roads - as Ireland steps into economic recovery, road traffic has returned to pre-recession levels.
  3. If you're tired, take a 15 minute nap - it will boost your concentration and productivity levels. The RSA recommends 2 cups of coffee immediately followed by 40 winks. By the time you wake up the caffeine should have started to kick in.
  4. Is your oil tank up on a huge height that can only be accessed by a ladder that is prone to being slippy in the damp Irish weather? You can now buy a Kingspan double skin, ground level oil tank and a good pump system - available from any of our depots.
  5. With machinery being used intensively to play catch up, lubricating is of paramount importance. We stock and deliver a wide range of lubricants that cover heavily loaded engines, transmissions, brake and clutch systems, wet brakes and hydraulic pumps.

Article originally taken from Glen Fuels website.