Farm Safety Ireland

Farm Safely 2018-05-01

More than 1,000 injuries occur on Irish farms each year. Glen Fuels has products to make farming safer for you.

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Glen Fuels Green Diesel Delivery

Is Your Off-Road Vehicle Dirty? 2018-09-14

A Quick Clean Saves You Money. Here's what to do.

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heat pump

How Heat Pumps Generate Heat 2018-07-24

Air-Fueled Central Heating

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oil tank

Is Your Oil Tank Leaking? 2018-07-27

Avoid the crippling cost of a leaky heating oil tank.

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Glen Fuels Gorey Larry O'Brien

Larry O'Brien Joins Glen Fuels 2018-09-10

Welcoming Larry O'Brien to Glen Fuels Gorey.

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Kilmore Potatoes Glen Fuels

We Love Irish Spuds 2018-09-10

Brothers John and Chris Fortune own Kilmore Potatoes Ltd

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Glen Fuels Marine Fuels Duncannon Pier


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Renewable Energy in Kildare

Renewable Energy in Kildare 2018-04-27 renewable energy to new homes in Kildare

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SenerTec Advanced Training

Trained Insallers of SenerTec. Dachs 2018-03-08

Glen Fuels SenerTech Advanced Training

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Cruise Ship Kilmore Quay Nicola Reddy

Cruising Around Kilmore Quay 2018-09-10

Ireland's beautiful Kilmore Quay gets a visit from a cruise ship.

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