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RUDI KRONOVŠEK, the founder and current procurator of the company Kronoterm d. o. o., who has been working in the field of heat pumps for over 43 years, was employed in Gorenje on scholarship; he took over the development of freezers directly after finishing his diploma at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. At the time of the first energy crisis at the beginning of the 70s, he was the initiator of the Slovenian production programme of heat pumps in Gorenje. He developed the first generation of serially produced DHW heat pumps. With the disintegration of the company Gorenje RR and the discontinuation of certain departments, particularly the development departments, he decided for an independent career and thus established the company Termo-tehnika d. o. o. in 1990 (the new company name is from 2017 Kronoterm d.o.o.).

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