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Kingspan Titan R1000


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  • Check the heating oil tank annually. This is one of the most important jobs. It should be done by the homeowner, tenant and/or landlord. For instructions, click here.
  • Never grow plants over an oil tank. They will cause damage and may cause injury.
  • Avoid opening the tank too often as debris always gets in and may cause a blockage to your heating system. 
  • Replace the dip-stick with a radar monitor to measure the level of oil in your tank. We recommend the Glen Fuels Magnus Monitor System for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. 
  • Capacity Ltr/Gal: 1000/220
  • Length (mm): 1880
  • Width (mm): 590
  • Height (mm): 1335
  • Lid: 2" Vent Cap
  • Outlet Size: 1"
  • Longer chain life
  • Less oil spattering
  • OFCERT No - 0642110428
  • Tank is 100% recyclable
  • Guarantee Period - 2 years (one year on components)
  • Fuel Type - Kerosene (C1/C2), Fuel Oil (A2) and Gas Oil/Diesel (D) as defined in BS2869 and BSEN590 including up to 7% biofuel to BSEN14214

Single Skin Rectangular Oil Tank 1100 Litre

The Kingspan R1000 single skin vertical, rectangular oil tank stores home heating oil.

It holds 1,000 litres of kerosene or gas oil heating oil. 

It is designed to fit into gardens with a small amount of storage space. 

Glen Fuels delivers the Kingspan R1000 to homes anywhere in Ireland.

Before installing a single skin tank:

  • Check with your insurer

  • Check with you County Council