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Commercial Fuel Card


  • Brand: Glen Fuel Card
  • Product Code: GFCCommercial
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Glen Fuels wholesale price minus a discount
    (Discount is calculated on application for road diesel, petrol, tractor diesel, kerosene, AdBlue at the pump)
  • 10cpl off AdBlue at the pump at Circle K company owned sites* nationwide
  • 10% off packaged lubricants at AdBlue at Circle K company owned sites* nationwide
  • Up to 30% off carwash at Circle K company owned sites* nationwide
  • *Please check with the cashier that you are at a Circle K company owned site
  • Optional Extra: Transpoco Telematics
  • Collect Circle K Play or Park points at ALL Circle K sites
  • Traceable fuel
  • Level 3 transaction data
  • Cash free payment at the pump/in store
  • Pin-secure fuel card
  • One fuel card per person/vehicle
  • No minimum usage
  • Fortnightly direct debit payment gives you two weeks interest-free credit
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Free sign-up subject to terms and conditions
  • No hidden costs

The Glen Fuel Card enables fleet managers to control fleet expenses and driver activities with clear and detailed data.

The Glen Fuel Card is ideal for corporations, SMEs and sole traders. 

Our suite of services delivers complete control over company expenses and fleet activity. 

Compared to corporate credit cards, fuel cards are less prone to third party fraud. 

If drivers require extra protection on the road, the Glen Fuel Card offers a suite of security solutions.  

Since 1986 the name Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel.