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Magnus™ Monitors 3D graphing system identifies multiple peaks inside a storage tank. 

Magnus™ Monitors analyses data to provide sector-specific benchmarking (oil, water, bottles and more).

Magnus™ App displays data and allows customers to monitor tank volume. 

  • Battery Life: 5 years
  • Gauge Method: Radar
  • App: Magnus™ Monitors
  • Signal: 2G, Sigfox or NBIoT
  • Measurement Accuracy: +-1cm
  • Installation: Plastic, steel and wooden tanks. 
About Magnus™ Monitor:
Included in Annual License Fee: 
FREE with Magnus™ Monitor:
  • Suitable for bulk liquid storage tanks
  • The world's first remote radar monitor
  • Magnus™ Monitor activation
  • Magnus™ Monitor synced with Magnus™ Monitor App
  • Magnus™ Monitor Smartphone App