Farms Always Need SFGO

The Glen Fuels agricultural customers across three sectors - dairy, tillage and dry stock - require a full tank of SFGO 24/7.

Using a stick to dip the oil tank is not an exact science and the reading is often inaccurate. This, combined with a full farming schedule morning, noon and night, means dipping the oil tank is often put on the long finger or clean forgotten about.

Farmers Always Have Oil in the Tank

Every week, especially from February through September, agricultural customers call us in a panic.

They discover they've run out of SFGO when the tractor pulls up to the tank to refuel and nothing comes out of the hose.

Key activities grind to a halt - cattle cannot be fed if the bales cannot be moved, fields cannot be ploughed, silage cannot be cut and seeds cannot be sown.

Suddenly the tight schedule is running amock.

Be in Control of Your Stock

The Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitor System gives food producers complete control over their farms and productivity because:

  1. Magnus™ Monitor scans the tank(s) several times a day
  2. Check oil level in the tank(s) on a smartphone
  3. Glen Fuels also monitors the tank

With three sets of eyes on the tank(s), the farmer never runs out of oil and the farm never grinds to an inconvenient halt.

Running Out of Oil Damages Machinery

In addition to slowing or stopping productivity on the farm, a run-out has other unintended consequences.

Pumping oil into a completely empty tank means sediment that has settled at the base of the tank is disturbed. The gushing flow of the oil entering the tank causes the sediment to spin around in the body of the oil. If a fleet of tractors have to refuel as soon as the tank has been topped up, this sediment is going into the engine. A blocked filter slows things down and changing the filter means extra cost of time and money.

A tank should be filled before it runs dry.

Never Run Out of Oil

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