Oil Storage Solutions

The world is in a state of who-knows-what-the-future-holds, which has resulted in an uncertain oil market. 

It is now important to maximise your oil storage with a solution that suits you. 

Diesel Storage Tanks:

Increased storage enables you to buy when oil prices are low to cover your usage when oil prices are rising.

The Kingspan Fuel Master diesel storage tanks are perfect for agricultural, commercial, mining and road haulage applications.

The Glen Fuels Magnus Monitor System allows you to monitor your oil usage and can be installed on multiple tanks off/on-site. 

Store Home Heating Oil:

  • Make sure your heating oil tank is not leaking. 
  • Upgrade your tank to a bunded option
  • Increase the tank size, where possible
  • Sign up to the Budget Plan and receive the Magnus™ Monitor and app free of charge