Heating Oil Tank Monitor

Magnus™ Monitors Testimonial 

"From a young age I have loved technology as I believed it would benefit us all. Many people my age are scared to touch technology but my advice is to jump right in.

"When Glen Fuels offered me the Magnus™ Monitors I considered it a no-brainer and the device is simple to use.

Oil Tank Monitor for Elderly

"I have friends in their 80s who now have a Magnus™ Monitors. It means they don't have to dip the tank in winter, they know exactly when it's time to order and they can press a button on their phone which sends a message to Glen Fuels.

"My daughter routinely forgets to order oil and I have been frozen in her house on more than one occasion, so I insisted she get one too!

"With Magnus™ Monitors the oil tank will never be empty and nobody need ever run-out."

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Furlong for his review of the Magnus™  Monitors, which is the ideal solution for your home heating oil tank and that of your loved one.

If you are worried about a relative this winter, you can monitor their oil tank and order a top-up via the app with the Glen Fuels Magnus™ Monitors System.